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How to Set Up and Display Emojis for Event Types

If you have a custom field with choices, you can assign an emoji to each choice and display it in event titles. It is a practical yet fun way to make it easy to skim for specific types of events on your calendar, such as the absence types on this live demo calendar.

emojis in calendar view

How to make this happen

  • The administrator creates a custom field with choices and assigns an emoji to each choice in Settings. This is a one time setup.
  • Any event creator can select the choice or choices from a drop-down menu in the event editor.

Part 1. Set up a custom choice field with emojis in calendar Settings 

    1. Open your calendar in a browser with your admin access.
    2. Go to Settings > Event Fields and click the New Field button in the top right corner.
    3. Enter the custom field name and select Choices and then either Multiple-choice or Single-choice from the Type drop-down menus.
    4. Enter the choice names, set emojis and select Show in event title:Show emoji or name of custom event field.

Part 2. The custom field choice is selected in the event editor

  1. Create a new event or open an existing one in the event editor.
  2. Select the choice from the drop-down list and save.

The emojis are now displayed in event titles accessible to anyone on any of calendar views.

Learn more about custom fields.

Updated on April 6, 2021
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