• What to Check if Calendar Events are Not Showing

    If you find your events are ‘disappearing’, or are not showing up after you add them, here are some things to check: Hidden sub calendars. It is possible that you may have inadvertently hidden the relevant sub calendar. You can show and hide events belonging to sub calendars by clicking on the…

  • How to Handle Transportation Logistics for a Tourism Company

    Here’s a guide to help you set up a Teamup calendar to manage transportation logistics for a tourism company. Logistics can get complicated for tourism transportation. You’re scheduling day trips, guided tours, and transportation to activities and events for tours. You might also arrange transportation to and from the airport….

  • How to Use a Keyword Field to Tag and Track Context

    How to use one or more custom text fields to capture the context of any information easily. When the information is needed, filter for the context keyword or browse context keywords to retrieve the needed information.

  • Using Teamup at a Members’ Golf Club

    Introduction Historically, a typical members golf club would have produced an annual members diary detailing the event schedule for the coming year. There would be many categories of event types to include, ranging from competitions (mens, ladies, seniors and juniors), inter-club matches, county competitions visiting societies, social events and more. The…

  • How to Decide What Sub-calendars to Set Up

    If you are new to Teamup, one of the first tasks to set up the calendar is to add sub-calendars. Sub-calendars on Teamup may represent people, resources, projects, areas, or anything you need to organize or schedule. Think of a sub-calendar as an entity of who, where, what that is…

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