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Understand the Icons on Your Teamup calendar

Ever wondered what the little event symbols that you see in your Teamup Calendar mean?

4 icons in an event bubble .jpg

From left to right, here is an explanation:

  1. Flag: The flag icon shows on events that have open signups. Once the signup maximum has been reached or the signup deadline has passed, the flag will disappear; this means that signups for that event are closed.
  2. Speech bubble: The speech bubble icon indicates that the event has comments.
  3. Two arrows in a circle: The recurrence symbol shows that an event is part of a recurring series, i.e., it is set to repeat.
  4. Two overlapping squares: This icon means that the event is assigned to more than one sub-calendar.

Another place that you may see a symbol is in your list of sub-calendars:

Public Holiday sub-calendar list.jpgs.jpg

The lock indicates that events on those sub-calendars will be read-only. You will also see the lock icon on individual events that are read-only, e.g. all events from an inbound iCalendar feed display the lock icon.


Updated on April 4, 2022
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