How to Create and Update Recurring Events

It is straightforward to create recurring or repeating events that are series of events with a repetitive nature.

Supported recurrence patterns includes for example:

  • Weekly on Thursdays at 8:00AM, until December 31, 2018
  • Every weekday at 8:00am, forever
  • On the first Monday of every month at 10:00am, for 5 times
  • Yearly on July 4, forever

How to create recurring events

To create a reoccurring event, complete the following steps:

Check the ‘Repeats’ box while editing an event to access the repeating options for the event.










Choose between the Daily, Weekdays, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly options. To create an event that repeats on the third Tuesday of each month for example, create the first event on the third Tuesday of the first month that it should occur. In the Repeats options, set the repeating pattern to be monthly. Choose the 3rd Tuesday from the drop down option and Save.








  • This is how to set an event to occur every 2 weeks, on every second Tuesday.










Note that you can also set the repetition to occur quarterly by choosing to the Monthly option and setting ‘Repeat every’ to 3. Click on Done, or Save the event.










How to change an existing recurring event

  1. Any individual event in a recurring event series can be edited as usual, except that when you save, a dialog pops up and you are asked how to apply the changes. If you apply the changes to the single event, the event will no longer be part of the recurring series.  This is useful when you have an ongoing program but the details vary for each recurring instance.  For example, you offer a weekly Webinar series but the topics change every week.
  2. Similarly, you can change the recurrence pattern for an existing event series by editing any individual event and apply the changes to all events of all future events.

Supported recurrence patterns include:

  • Single: Apply change only to the currently edited event
  • Future: Apply change to the currently edited event and all future events of this recurring event series.
  • All Events: Apply change to all events in this recurring event series