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How to Capture Requests for Bookings

Shared space or room bookings often involve additional details, such as multimedia or tech equipment, set up of chairs or tables, presentation needs, beverage service, catering, and more. Here’s a tip to help you capture all these details and requests when the booking is made.

Capture requests with custom fields

Add a custom field with multiple choices for the standard requests you are able to accommodate with the bookings.

For example, you could include such options as these:

  • multimedia equipment: etc.
  • seating: number of chairs and tables, options for how they are arranged.
  • food and beverage: beverage service, catering.

For information that’s necessary for every booking, make the custom field required. This will prevent someone from creating a booking without providing the necessary information.

Pro tips

Some types of booking requests may trigger the need to inform other people or groups. For example, a booking request for multimedia equipment may trigger the need to inform the tech department, who will deliver the needed resources. To notify the relevant person or group, here are two options you can use once the booking has been made:

    • Share the event with the relevant person or group.
    • Assign the booked event to the relevant party’s sub-calendar.

When the notified person has completed their part of the booking request, or simply to acknowledge receipt of the booking request, they could add a comment to the booked event.

See more about how to set up a room booking system with Teamup.

Updated on August 8, 2022
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