Access Teamup Calendar in a Mobile Browser (iOS)

There are several reasons that you might want to access Teamup Calendar on an iOS mobile browser: You’d like the same look and feel of the calendar on your mobile device as on the desktop. You are most comfortable with using Teamup in ways that are consistent on both mobile […]

The Calendar Dashboard

If you regularly work with Teamup, the Dashboard will be of great help for you. It remembers all your calendars for you in one place and is accessible from anywhere. This is a new feature. Your feedback to is welcome. How to access the Dashboard To access the dashboard, first […]

How to View Teamup Calendar on Facebook Mobile

Teamup Calendar can be added to a Facebook page as your own Facebook app or through a custom tab app via Woobox. However, page tab apps on Facebook Pages are not supported on mobile browsers and do not render in Facebook’s mobile apps. One way to view Teamup Calendar on Facebook […]

Using a Teamup User Account

Anyone can create a Teamup user account. Having a user account is optional. Since, Teamup Calendars are accessed via calendar links, a Teamup user account is not required to access a Teamup calendar. All that is required is a calendar link for the calendar. Benefits of having a Teamup user account Although user accounts are […]

Ongoing Events: How to Track Events Across the Weekend

If an event continues from the previous week into the next week, Outlook and some other calendars display an arrow to indicate the event starts in an earlier week and/or ends in a later week. How is this indicated on a Teamup Calendar? Teamup does not use arrows. Instead, ongoing […]

Hide Calendars As Needed

With a Teamup Calendar, you can hide or show sub-calendars and their events either temporarily or permanently. This feature allows you to control the data displayed on your calendar. If you work with a large number of sub-calendars and/or many events, it can be helpful to limit the data on […]

Access to Teamup on Mobile Devices

There are three options for accessing Teamup Calendars on a mobile device: Option 1: Teamup mobile apps Install the Teamup iOS app or Android app, and easily access your Teamup Calendars from your mobile device. Download the Teamup App for iPhones and iPads in the App Store.  See more details here. […]