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Using Teamup at a Members’ Golf Club


Historically, a typical members golf club would have produced an annual members diary detailing the event schedule for the coming year. There would be many categories of event types to include, ranging from competitions (mens, ladies, seniors and juniors), inter-club matches, county competitions visiting societies, social events and more.

The detailed schedule for the following year would have to be confirmed by a certain date, e.g. October, at the latest.  It would have been expensive to produce and usually out-of-date as soon as it was printed. And, the large amount of paper used for printing has increasingly considered as not environmental friendly.

For these reasons, many golf clubs are moving to replace the printed diary with an online calendar solution. Among the requirements is that it would need to be “user friendly” and accessible to a predominantly “non-technical” user base.

Teamup presents such a solution. It is easy to implement and provides the functionality required and more. For example email or push notifications of changes to events or “course status”. From a browser or a smartphone app, members can now have instant access to up-to-date information at all times.

Creating event categories (sub calendars)

With teamup, it is very easy to categorise events by creating “sub calendars”, and also use folders to arrange these in a hierarchy. For the purposes of this guide, we set up the following sub calendars:

Folder Golf

    • County Events – For inter-club competitions etc.
    • Juniors – Junior competitions and events
    • Ladies – Ladies competitions and events
    • Men’s competitions – monthly medals etc. and events
    • Seniors – Senior competitions and events including interclub
    • Societies – Scheduled society visit

Folder Office

    • Public & Religious holidays
    • Club Meetings – committee / board meetings etc.
    • Course Status – daily updates from green keepers
    • Functions & Events – weddings, private parties etc.

As you can see from the following graphic, the sub-calendars are colour coded, the calendar display can be modified to show different views. The display can be filtered to show ALL sub calendars or selected sub-calendars only.

By clicking on a particular event field, the members are able to display detailed information about the event, either on a web browser or on a mobile app. For example:

Depending on requirements,  it is possible to add images and files to an event, and define custom fields.

Teamup supports 11 calendar views, including Scheduler, Day, Multi-day, Week, Multi-week, Month, Year, Agenda, List, Timeline and Table views. In any of the views, it’s possible to filter calendars to show only particular events

Giving access to calendars

Teamup makes it very easy to provide different levels of access to different calendars.

For example,

  • Members could be assigned Read Only access to all sub calendars
  • The Admin office could be assigned Modify access to all sub calendars

Certain individuals could be given modify access to specific calendars.

For example,

  • Competition organisers could be assigned modify access to Men’s & Ladies Calendars (and read access to everything else)
  • The Junior organiser could be assigned modify access to the Junior Calendar (and read access to everything else)
  • Head Greenkeeper could be assigned modify access to the Course Status calendar (and read access to everything else) etc.

Teamup provides a very simple mechanism for assigning and sharing the relevant access authorities by creating calendar links (URLs) which can be shared with the appropriate individuals. This “account-less” access is very convenient with a large number of members.

Above graphic highlights the unique URL generated by Teamup that provide read-only access to all calendars. This URL could be  embedded in the club website and also shared with members. Opening that URL is all that is required to access the calendars – no login or password is required.

Teamup does also support user accounts and passwords. For users with modify or administrator permissions, the account-based access provides additional security.

Receiving notifications of new or modified events

Another useful feature is the ability to notify members of new events or changes to existing events. This is a feature that individual members can “opt-in” to and select which particular event categories they wish to be notified of. For example, some might only wish to see course status updates, or men’s competitions.

Notifications may be sent by email immediately or a daily summary.

Learn more: How to set up Calendar email notifications

Using the smart phone teamup app

For members comfortable with using smart phones, there is also a teamup app available from the App store or Google play for Apple and Android devices respectively.  The teamup App is free and easy to install and activate.

To access the teamup App, members need only to enter the relevant key for the calendar, where the key corresponds to the last part of the URL described previously in Giving access to calendars.

Integrating the teamup calendar with a member’s personal calendar

Many members will already be using calendars on their smart phones or computers, such as Apple or Google calendars or Outlook.

A popular feature is the ability to view teamup events in a personal calendar using teamup iCalendar feeds. Once again, members are able to select whether to have ALL sub calendars shared with their private calendar, or just selected sub-calendars.

Learn more: How to subscribe to iCalendar feeds.

Printing a hard copy of the calendar

For the die-hard members that still want printed copy of the calendar, it is very easy to print the calendar in any of the available calendar formats and showing all or selected sub calendars.

For example, the office could print a month view calendar for display on the changing room notice boards

Learn more: How to print a filtered calendar.


If your club is looking for an online calendar solution to replace a printed diary, you will find that  teamup is the perfect solution . The real benefit will the ability to provide an improved user experience for your members – the cost saving will be an added bonus!

Updated on April 22, 2021
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