Advantages of Using the Multi-Week View


The month view displays events of the current month. If today is the last day of the month, what you see would be mostly past events.  If you’d like to display future events, use the multi-week view instead: It displays the future 2-12 weeks with the current week always in the first row. If you are a calendar administrator, consider setting the 4-week view as the default instead of the month view, if future events are more important to your users. This can be configured in Settings > Calendar Views.

Current week in the first row in the 4-week view vs. in the bottom row in the month view

If today is in the last week of the month, it appears in the first row in the 4-week view vs. in the last row in the month view


The number of events that can be displayed in a block in the month and multi-week views depends on the browser window size. When there are many events on a particular date, the calendar may only display the first few that the space allows.  If you have many events in some days, you may have noticed “+n more” on your month view or multiple weeks. Clicking on the ‘+n more…’ shows the hidden events.

If the month view is not required, you can display more events by using a low number multi-week view to gain more space. For example, it’s easily possible to display 10+ events on a 2-week view as demonstrated below:


It is possible to append ?view=mw# to your calendar URL to force the calendar to be displayed in a multi-week view, for example, mw3 for a three-week view and so on. Read more about appending calendar parameters here. They are especially useful when different user groups have different needs for viewing different blocks of time, e.g. a operations engineer may prefer a 2-week view while an 8-week view is more suitable for a sales director.

Here are some more options to optimize space for events when viewing a Teamup Calendar:

  • Enlarge the browser window
  • Put your browser into full screen mode
  • Zoom out by pressing CONTROL – on a windows PC and COMMAND – on a Mac
  • Collapse the left hand control panel – this can create more space
  • Try the List or Agenda views. These could be an alternative if a very large number of events needs to be displayed.
  • View the calendar on a larger screen if possible
  • Hide the weekends to create more space for the weekday blocks. Do this in Settings > Calendar Views

Also take note how hiding the weekends allows for more horizontal space for displaying longer titles of the events.


When printing the multi-week view (and all other grid views), the printout is limited to one page with equally divided rows. So if space allows, events that are hidden on your display may be printed out. It’s worth experimenting – try printing in portrait with a 2 or 3 week view.
Please note that when printing from the List or the Agenda views, Teamup Calendar supports the printing of multiple pages and all events will be printed out.

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