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How to Enable Password Protection for Calendar Links

This article discusses how administrators can add password protection to shareable links, and how individuals using shareable links can change or reset their calendar link passwords. Note that a password for a shareable calendar link is not the same as a user account password

Why password protection is needed

With Teamup calendar, administrators can grant calendar access via accounts or shareable links. Account-based access can be granted to account users and groups. Shareable links can be provide to individuals or groups, or used to embed a calendar for public calendar access.

To make shareable links more secure, administrators can enable password protection.

How to enable password protection

  1. Open your calendar in a web browser with an administrator link. Click on the blue menu button and select Settings.
  2. Select Sharing to see a list of the existing calendar links. The green link icon indicates shareable calendar links. The key icon indicates which one of the calendar links have passwords enabled. 
  3. To setup or to change a password, click on the Edit icon at the right side of the link, and complete the password section accordingly:
  4. When opening a calendar link that has password protection enabled, you will be required to enter the link password:

Note that a Plus or Premium subscription plan is required to enable password protection.

Change or reset passwords


  • Passwords for non-administrator users can only be changed by the calendar administrator.
  • Non-administrator users can contact their calendar administrator to request a password reset.


  • Can change the passwords for any shareable calendar links in Settings > Sharing.
  • Are able to request a password reset on the login screen:

Important to know

  • The password for a calendar link is not the same as the password for your user account. The user account password is only used to login to your user account. Passwords for calendar links can be set up by the calendar administrator only.
  • To open a password-protected calendar link, you still need to enter the password provided by your calendar administrator to access that calendar even if you are logged into your Teamup user account. Your calendar administrator can decide whether to grant you access to the calendar using a calendar link or via your user account.
Updated on November 10, 2020