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How to Enable Password Protection for Calendar Links

Calendar admins can add password protection to a calendar link, and change or reset the password for a calendar link. 

Important! The password for a calendar link is not the same as a user account password

Why use password protection

You can share a Teamup calendar with others via user accounts or shareable links.

With user accounts, each person logs in with their own email address and password. Then, from the dashboard, they can access the calendar(s).

With shareable links, no login is needed. You can share a calendar link with an individual or a group. Or you can use a calendar link to embed the calendar on a website to share it with the public or a group. 

To make shareable links more secure, you can enable password protection.

Note: password protection for links is only available on paid plans.

Enable password protection

  1. Open your calendar in a web browser. Go to Settings > Sharing.
  2. On the Sharing page, you will see a list of all users and existing links.
    • Calendar links are indicated by a green link icon.
    • The key icon indicates which one of the calendar links have passwords enabled:
  3. Click on the Edit icon for any link, scroll to the Password section, check Yes and enter the password:
  4. Click the green Save button. 

When you open a calendar link with password protection, you will be prompted to enter the password:


  • Calendar link passwords can only be changed by the calendar administrator.
  • Contact the calendar administrator to request a password reset for your calendar link.
  • If you need to reset the password for your Teamup user account, click the Reset link on the login page.


To change the password or turn off password protection for any shareable calendar link.

    • Go to Settings > Sharing.
    • Click the Edit icon for the link, then scroll to the Password section.
    • Check No to turn off password protection, or enter a new password. 
    • Click the green Save button. 

If needed, you can request a password reset for an administrator-level calendar link.

  • Open the calendar link.
  • Click the blue Lost your password? link, as shown below:

Important to know

  • The password for a calendar link is not the same as the password for your user account. The user account password is only used to login to your user account. Passwords for calendar links can be set up by the calendar administrator only.
  • To open a password-protected calendar link, you still need to enter the password provided by your calendar administrator to access that calendar even if you are logged into your Teamup user account. Your calendar administrator can decide whether to grant you access to the calendar using a calendar link or via your user account.
Updated on February 1, 2023
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