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How to Share Calendar Access through Your Own Website

If you have a Teamup calendar for managing clients or others, via account-based access, you can give your clients easy access to the calendar through your own business website. The best part is that you can use a single calendar URL, and each person will get their unique, customized access to the calendar through that link. Here’s how.

Use account-based access

We’ll use the example of a nanny services business that has set up a nanny journal with Teamup. As the owner of this business, you want to give families easy access to the nanny journal. But each family has a different permission, so they only see their own child’s nanny journal.

First, set up the nanny journal and give account-based access for each family. Once this is done, you can share the same calendar link with all of them, and each family will only see the calendar with the customized access you configured for them. There is no need to create or email separate links.

Configure each family’s access

Account-based access ensures that each family can only see what they are supposed to see. User accounts are easy to set up. As the calendar administrator, you’ll add each family as a user to the nanny journal calendar and configure their unique access by setting the permission levels:

  1. Go to Settings > Sharing.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Enter the email address for the family.
  4. Scroll down and choose Selected Calendars.
  5. For the family’s nanny journal sub-calendar, choose Modify my events permission.
  6. For all other sub-calendars, choose Not Shared.

Here’s how the settings would look for the Nowak family:

Next, you simply need to get the calendar URL for account-based users.

  1. From a web browser, first log into your Teamup account.
  2. Open the calendar through your user access. The URL must contain /c/ before the alphanumerical string as shown below.
  3. Copy the calendar link (as shown in the red box):

You can then use this same URL for all families. Add it as the link for a “Nanny Journal” button, or simply create an inline link on each family’s profile page.

When the Nowak family logs into their profile page on the nanny services website, they can click the “Nanny Journal” button and see their own child’s nanny journal:

The Nowak family sees only their own child’s nanny journal.

If they are not logged into their Teamup user account when they click the link, they will be prompted to do so. Then the calendar will open to their customized access once they are logged in.

Remove inactive users from the calendar

When a family is no longer using the nanny services, you can remove them as a user from the Nanny Journal calendar.

Updated on July 13, 2022