Embed Calendars into WordPress Sites

This is a guide for administrators of WordPress powered sites to add a public or private Teamup Calendar to their site. It is possible to embed a Teamup Calendar into a WordPress-powered site in an iframe with the help of an iframe plugin.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create Your Teamup Calendar: No account is required. Just click the big, green “Create” button on our homepage. A new calendar is ready in a few seconds and a link will arrive at your selected email address.

Step 2: Install this iframe plugin.  A plugin is necessary as by default WordPress prevents the embedding of iframes for security reasons except the ones whitelisted by WordPress with shortcodes like YouTube videos.

Step 3: Add the iframe code to the page where you want the calendar. See the example below:

[iframe src="http://teamup.com/ks5d4e36f76d18db82/?view=mw" frameborder="0" width="720" height="780"]

  • Cut and paste the example above, replacing the sample Teamup link with your calendar link.
  • Note the “?view=mw” in the code above. This is a link parameter that you can use to force your embedded calendar to open in the Multi-week view each time. The link parameter overwrites your calendar’s default view which could be set to the List view for example. Learn more about link parameters that you can use to control the views you prefer.
  • For public sites it is important to embed read-only versions of your calendars. For more info on sharing calendars and assigning permissions, check out this article.
  • For team access you can also set up password for access from your WordPress admin interface or enable password protection from within your calendar.

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