How to Recover A Lost Administrator URL

With Teamup Calendar, calendar access is through calendar links. Having a user account is optional; it provides a convenient way to keep your calendar links in one place, but is not necessary for accessing your calendar.

All you need to access a Teamup Calendar is your calendar link.

The calendar administrator receives the administrator link on screen and by email at the time when the calendar is created. Any additional access links are then configured and shared by the administrator.

The Settings of a Teamup Calendar can only be accessed via administrator link. This prevents other calendar users from inadvertently making changes to the calendar settings, and protects the security of calendar data. Click here to learn more.

If you are a calendar administrator and have lost the administrator link to your calendar, we offer help in several ways, as described below. If you are not a calendar administrator, but have lost your calendar link, please contact your calendar administrator.

Calendar link recovery tool

Use our Calendar Link Recovery Tool to request a list of calendars for which you are the administrator. Simply enter the email address used to create the calendar. You will receive an email with a list of and links to all calendars associated with the email address.

If the calendar link recovery tool does not find a calendar, or does not return the calendar you are trying to access, consider these typical reasons:

  • You did not provide an email address when you created the calendar.
  • The email address you used with the recovery tool is not the email address you used when you created your calendar. In this case, please try the recovery tool again with a different email address.

Check your email

When you created your calendar, we sent you an email with access details for your calendar. Search your email inbox for an email with the subject line of “[Teamup Support] Your new calendar.” Open the email to retrieve your administrator link.

Contact our support team

If you have tried the options suggested above and are still unable to recover your administrator link, we can help. Please contact with the following information:

  • The email address of the calendar administrator (if known).
  • The title of the calendar (if known).
  • Any calendar links that you may have.

Good to know

  • To protect the data of our calendar users, administrator links can ONLY be sent to the registered email address. If your request for administrator access is a result of a personnel change, we require a statement from your organization, manager, and/or previous administrator to confirm that you are taking over the calendar administration role.
  • To verify if the calendar link that you are using is a calendar administrator link, click on the blue menu icon in the top right corner. If you see Settings as a menu item,you are using an administrator link. If you do not see Settings, it means that the link you are using is not a calendar administrator link.
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