Access to Teamup on Mobile Devices

There are three options for accessing Teamup Calendars on a mobile device.

Option 1: Teamup mobile apps

Install the Teamup iOS app or Android app, and access your Teamup Calendars easily from your mobile device.

One of the biggest advantages of using the apps is that your calendar is accessible even offline. This may be very helpful when you are not connected with the live Teamup servers due to lack of Internet access or connectivity issues with your device.

Option 2: Mobile browser

If you prefer using the web browser version of Teamup, you can access Teamup on a mobile browser. Check out these tips to make your mobile browser experience smoother and more productive.

Since some Teamup Calendar features are only available on the web browser version, it can be very helpful to know how to easily access your calendar with on a mobile browser.

Option 3: iCalendar feeds

You can subscribe to Teamup iCalendar Feeds in order to view a Teamup calendar in another calendar service on your mobile device. You can subscribe to Teamup iCalendar feeds via Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, or another personal calendar. Then you can see the Teamup iCalendar feeds on your calendar’s mobile app on your device.

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