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Reconfigure an Existing Calendar for a New Purpose

You might have set up a project calendar and now the project is over. Or you changed jobs and no longer need your old work calendar. If you have an old or unused Teamup calendar, you can make a few changes and use it in a new way.

You can reconfigure an old calendar for a new purpose or adapting a new calendar created from a template to your specific needs.

The steps are similar to setting up a new calendar.

Adjust the calendar settings

Go to the calendar settings and make a few adjustments:

  1. Rename the calendar title in the Identity section.
  2. Rename the sub-calendars in the Calendars section. Change the color, too, if you want!
  3. Deactivate or delete any sub-calendars you no longer want. If you want to avoid deleting the events that are on these sub-calendars, deactivate them. You can reactivate later if you need to access past events. See here for how long you can access historical data.

    Deactivate sub-calendars if you no longer want them but want access to their historical data (past events).
  4. Follow the same steps in Event Fields section for any custom fields: add or rename those you wish to keep, and deactivate or delete the fields you no longer want on your calendar.
  5. Remove any access links and users that are no longer needed, add new links or users in the Sharing section. Review any other sections and make the necessary adjustments.

Example: repurpose the Welcome Calendar

If you have a Teamup user account, a Welcome Calendar was automatically added to your calendar dashboard when you created your account. It has a few calendar events with some tips and links to help you get started. If you have not made use of the Welcome Calendar, you can turn it into something new. For example, you could create a personal habit journal, or repurpose the Welcome Calendar into one of these:

  • a personal journal – just jot down notes and capture ideas.
  • a work or team calendar – help improve your team transparency, among other benefits.
  • a personal habit tracker – calm down your mind and build a habit of walking in a green space.
  • a family calendar – easily organize and share schedules.


Go to Settings to change the calendar name and rename the sub-calendar, etc.. Add more sub-calendars as desired. If you are new to setting up your own calendar, check out these Getting Started video tutorials.

Updated on September 26, 2022
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