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Signup for an Event

With Teamup Calendar, you can add signups to any event. If signups are enabled, anyone with access to the calendar event can sign up with their name and email address. The event organizer(s) can easily see who has signed up.

This article discusses using event signup with Teamup in a browser. With Teamup mobile apps for the iOS and Android devices you can enable signups for events right from your app. To learn about using event signups on mobile devices, see this article.

How to enable event signup

In the event editor, click the Options button. It is available to all users who have modify permission.

In the dialog window that opens, toggle on the Event Signup option. Adjust the options (details below). Then click the Done button:

You have several options for event signups:

  • Signup deadline: the default deadline is the time and date of the event itself. Adjust as desired.
  • Maximum number of signups: toggle on the maximum number option, then enter the desired number.
  • Who can view signups: All users or Users with modify permission. If you choose All users, email addresses of participants will be automatically hidden on the signup list, which will show at the bottom of the event editor/viewer, and on the event page.

How to work with signups

Once signup is enabled, a Signup button will appear in the event editor or viewer. Anyone who can view the event can Signup by tapping the Signup button, then entering their name and/or email address.

The Signup button in the event editor, with a list of participants as seen by someone with modify permission

Calendar users with modify permission can do the following:

  • Sign people up within the event editor.
  • See the list of participants who have signed up. The list will include the name, email address, and time that the user signed up.
  • Remove a participant’s signup by clicking on remove beside any participant’s name.
  • Export the list of signups to a .csv file by clicking on Export above the list of participants.

Signup by other users

Once signup is enabled for an event, a signup button will appear on the event for all viewers. Even for users with read-only access, a signup button will appear when they view the event.

To invite people who do not have access to the calendar, click the Share button and select Share > As page.  The signup button will appear on the event page, which can be accessed by anyone who has the event page link, even if they do not have calendar access.

The event page will open with its own link (URL) and will include the signup button:

Signup button on an event shared as a page

To sign up, invitees can click the Signup button and enter their name and email address.

If the event creator has chosen to allow All users to see who has signed up, the list of names will be displayed in the bottom of the page. To protect privacy, email addresses are not displayed.

How to export event signups

To export the signups for a single event, open the event editor. An export link appears above the signup list:

You can also export signups for all events. 

  1. Go to Settings > Export Events.
  2. In the Export Format, choose Comma Separated Values (.csv).
  3. Scroll to Advanced Options and click Show.
  4. Check the box to Export signups instead of events.
  5. Choose the calendars and date range as desired, then click Export.
Export signups from all events with Teamup Calendar
Choose the sub-calendars and date range to export Signups from all events

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Updated on June 11, 2020