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Show a Certain Sub-Calendar’s Events Always on Top

If you have a certain sub-calendar which contains events you’d like to see at the top of each day, you can use this tip to control the order of all-day events:

  • See events from your task list/to-do calendar at the top.
  • See the day’s weather or holiday at the top.
  • See items from your urgent or projects calendar over other items.

Note that this tip applies to all-day events. When scheduling time-specific events, the start time determines where the events appear in the calendar view.

How all-day events are sorted

For all-day events, the sort order for displaying events is:

  1. Start-date
  2. Sub-calendar order
  3. Title (alphabetically).

So, if the start date is the same, the events will be arranged next by sub-calendar order, and then by title (alphabetically).

The start-date and title are event-specific, so you can’t control these through calendar Settings in a global way. However, you can adjust the order of your sub-calendars to ensure that events are ordered for each day the way you’d like.

Adjust sub-calendar title

Here’s an example:

  • You have a sub-calendar for Weather, and you want the weather events to be shown at the top of each day.
  • Rename the Weather sub-calendar with a number or symbol prefix (e.g. 1 Weather or 🌦Weather or *Weather*) so it is at the top of the sub-calendar list.

Now the all-day events on the 1 Weather sub-calendar will be always on top for each day:


Keep certain events on top of your Teamup calendar in each day.

Updated on July 26, 2022
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