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How to Upload Marked Up or Edited Photo on the Teamup iOS App

You can upload images and files to your Teamup calendar. This feature works on both the browser and Teamup mobile apps. When using your mobile device, you may wish to mark up or edit a photo, and then upload the edited version of the photo to your Teamup calendar. Here’s how.

Save the edited photo

If you’ve tried to upload an edited photo on your iOS device before, you may have found that the original version of the photo gets uploaded to your Teamup calendar by default. To avoid this issue, you need to save a version of the edited photo, then upload that version rather than the original.

Save the edited photo to Files, rather than to the photo gallery.

Upload the photo from Files

When you upload the photo to Teamup, select “From Files” as the upload source.

From the photo, choose Share, then Save to Files. In the Teamup app, choose upload, then From Files. Choose the edited version of the photo from Files.

Here are the steps:

  1. After marking a photo, tap Share.
  2. Choose Save to Files.
  3. Then from the Teamup editor, tap Upload.
  4. Select From Files.

This method will solve the issue so that you have the edited version of the image uploaded to the event in your Teamup calendar.


Updated on December 6, 2022
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