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How to Show the Calendar Name in Event Title

You can choose to have the calendar name displayed automatically in the event title. The calendar name does not refer to the name of the master calendar (e.g., “Acme Calendar”) but to the name of the sub-calendar(s) to which the event is assigned. For example, if Linda has her own sub-calendar, any events added to her event can also show the name of her calendar (“Linda”) in the event titles. This can be very helpful when you are managing a large number of events and/or sub-calendars.

Here’s how.

Show sub-calendar name in event title

  1. Go to Settings > Event Fields.
  2. Click the Edit icon on the Calendar event field:
  3. Check Yes on the option to Show in event title, then click Save.

The sub-calendar title will now show in parentheses beside the event title. If the event is assigned to multiple sub-calendar, both names will display:
See the name of the calendar in the event title

Pro Tip

If you wish to see who created or is responsible for each event but your sub-calendars are not tied to individuals, use the Who field instead. Make it a required field and set it to display in the event title.

Updated on January 13, 2022
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