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How to Move Your Excel Calendar into Teamup

If you’ve been using an Excel-based calendar or gathering events in a spreadsheet, you can import that data directly into a Teamup calendar. You need administrator access to the calendar in order to use the import tool.

Use supported fields

Teamup’s import tool allows you to import data from a CSV file. The first line of a CSV file is a comma-separated list of field names. So edit your spreadsheet to use the supported field names in the correct format: See all the details here. Then save as a CSV file.

Import the file

Go to Settings > Import Events. You can import data to an existing sub-calendar, or create a new one for the import.

Import to multiple sub-calendars

Use the Calendar Name field to specify which sub-calendar the event should be imported to. If an event is to be assigned to multiple sub-calendars, include a list of all calendars separated by the pipe character in the Calendar Name field, like this:

Conf. Room Newton|Auditorium

See this article for detailed instructions.

Pro Tip

Updated on March 16, 2022
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