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How to Hide Weekends

On the week view, multi-week view, and month view, you can choose to hide weekend days (Saturday – Sunday) to have a view that shows only the work week (Monday – Friday).

Note that this setting only applies to calendar views in a browser.

Month view with weekends visible:


Month view with weekends hidden:

In calendar settings

To hide weekends, open your calendar with administrator access in a browser. Go to Settings > Calendar Views, scroll to the Hide Weekends section, and check the Yes option.

With a link parameter

If you do not have access to the calendar settings, you can use a link parameter to hide weekends from your view.

Calendar link parameters allow you to overwrite global settings when appended to a calendar link. The hideWeekend link parameter allows you to show or hide weekend days in week view, multi-week view and month view.

You can copy the parameter below to hide weekends, then paste it  behind a “?” at the end of your calendar URL. Bookmark the calendar link with the appended parameter for quick access.

See all the details about how to use a link parameter here.

hideWeekend=1 Hide weekend.
hideWeekend=0 Show weekend.
Updated on April 11, 2023
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