Block Unavailable Dates in a Calendar


One of the biggest hurdles for scheduling is to block unavailable dates. Although Teamup does not have a specific function to block unavailable dates or time blocks, it is possible to workaround this.

If you are using the calendar for reserving resources that can only be booked once, then an alternative way to block time slots is to set the existing sub calendars to not allow overlapping events. Then create series of ‘blocked’ events in them. Use the recurring feature to make creating these events more efficient, blocking off times forever if necessary.

For example, to block unavailable time slots for conference rooms, create a sub calendar for each room and set each sub calendar to not allow over lapping events. Then create events for each room and give them the title ‘unavailable’ or something similar.
No other events will be able to be made in those times, so only the remaining free time is available for events:
Conference Rooms - Blocked off times

Another helpful feature here is the ability to assign one event to many sub calendars. Create an event and assign it to all sub calendars to block off that time slot. As long as the sub calendars are set to not allow overlapping bookings, those slots will no longer be available:

Block off times using the one-to-many feature

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