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How to Use Color-Coded Sub-Calendars

Sub-calendars are a way of categorizing and color-coding events.

They can represent people, resources, projects, areas, anything you like. Sub-calendars can be assigned to folders for easy organization.

Using sub-calendars

You can see all sub-calendars listed in the Calendars section of the left-hand control panel of your calendar. If you have more than 24 sub-calendars, a smart filter will be placed above the sub-calendar list.

Here are three examples of the sub-calendar list:

Watch the video below for a tour of this functionality and helpful hints on how to get started.

Note that sub-calendars can only be set up while viewing your Teamup Calendar in a web browser via your administrator linkTo create a new sub-calendar, go to Settings > Calendars, then click the blue New button in the top right.

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Updated on November 25, 2019