Calendar Shortcuts on Your Desktop

Creating Desktop shortcuts

Instead of re-typing or cutting and pasting a calendar URL into the browser each time the calendar is needed, one way to save time and improve the Teamup experience is to create shortcuts to your Teamup Calendar. The following video demonstrates how (screen images will be updated soon). Shortcuts remain active on your desktop like any other program icon. Simply double-click when you need to open your calendar.

The URL icon may differ according to the browser you are using. When using the Chrome browser the icon looks like a “green lock”. On older versions of Firefox it shows a round icon whilst on Internet Explorer a Teamup icon is displayed.  All are located to the left of the URL.

Also some versions of Firefox do not seem to have a icon at all.  In that case simply place your cursor on your desktop, right-click, select New -> Shortcut.  Then enter your calendar URL and name the shortcut with your calendar title for example.

Browser bookmarks

Another option — browser bookmarks — can prevent desktop screen clutter and also provide the same ease of access.

For Chrome: 

Option 1

  1. To the right of the address bar, click Star Star.
  2. Click on the Folder drop down menu list and select Bookmarks bar.

Option 2: Click on Google Chrome’s menu button, select Bookmarks and then Bookmark this page.


For Firefox:

Option 1Click on the star icon next to the search field at the right top of the browser window.


Option 2Alternatively, you can click on the three dots icon and select Bookmark this page.


For Internet Explorer:

  1. Internet Explorer Favorites

    Star Icon

    Click on the Star Icon at the top of the browser window. This opens the Favorites Drop-down Menu.

  2. Click on the triangle at the right side of the  “Add to Favorites” tab at the top of the menu.
    • Click “Add to Favorites” if you want the link to appear only in a folder.
    • Click “Add to Favorites bar” if you want the link to appear each time you access the “Favorites” menu.

For Safari:

Add icon

Add icon

  1. Click and hold the Add button on the left side of the address and search box
  2. Choose a bookmarks folder from the list.