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Single Sign-on with Okta: OIDC and SCIM Integration

This guide shows you how to configure Okta for Single-Sign-On with Teamup.

Request one or more SSO domain names

Contact Teamup Support (support@teamup.com) to request an SSO domain to be set up for you. An active Enterprise level subscription is required to enable SSO. You can upgrade yourself at any time.

Once you have obtained the SSO domain name, you may proceed with the steps below.

Login to your Okta Admin Dashboard

Login to the Okta Admin and choose Applications > Applications from the sidebar.

Single-Sign-On Configuration

Create an app integration

Create an App Integration and select OIDC + Web Application in the first screen.

Enter your App integration name (e.g. ‘Teamup – My Organization Name‘).

Make sure you check the Refresh Token box in Grant type.

Enter https://teamup.com/oidc/authenticate as Sign-in redirect URIs.

Enter https://teamup.com/login as Sign-out redirect URIs.

Manage access and application assignment per your preference.

Configure the SSO integration on Teamup

Open the Trusted Domains page and edit the domain you want to configure.

Gather the Client ID and Client Secrets application General page (pictured below).

Enter these three pieces of information in the form to configure things as such, taking care to replace italicized text by their respective values:

Issuer: https://{Your Sub-Domain}.okta.com

Client ID: Client ID value from above

Client Secret: Client Secret value from above

Save the parameters and you should now be able to log out of Teamup and log in again via SSO. After entering your email in the login form you will see a “Log in via Single-Sign-On” link below, or be redirected to the SSO login directly depending on your domain configuration.

Initiate login from Okta

One more optional step on Okta if you want a login button in your Okta dashboard, you need to configure in the app’s General tab the Login initiated by to Either Okta or App and the Initiate login URI below to be https://teamup.com/login/sso


Updated on April 30, 2024
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