What are access permissions?

Access permissions determine what a user can do on a sub-calendar. For example, a read-only permission allows a user to view the events on a sub-calendar, but not to add or modify them. A modify permission allows a user to modify, create, and delete calendar events. An add-only permission allows a user to add events, but not modify or delete existing events.

Permissions are set by the calendar administrator when creating calendar links for individual users or groups. For each link, the administrator assigns the appropriate permissions. Thus, a user’s access to a shared calendar can be customized to grant different permission levels for each sub-calendar if necessary.

Teamup supports multiple permission levels:

  • Administrator: All permissions and is the only permission level allowing access to the Settings interface of the calendar, where the calendar is configured and all access links are stored. Use this permission level with great caution, as it provides complete control over the calendar. To prevent accidental usage, the administrator permission is not in the drop-down menu with other permissions settings. It is in a separate section of the dialog for creating a calendar link; to include administrator permission for any calendar, check the Yes box in this section.
  • Modify: View, modify, create and delete calendar events.
  • Read-only: View calendar events including details but can not make changes.
  • Read-only, no-details:  View calendar with events marked as reserved time blocks but no further event details.  No changes are allowed.
  • Add-only: Allows adding new events, can only read but not modify any existing events.  Newly added events can be modified only during the current browser session (up to approximately 30 minutes).
  • Add-only, no-details: Same as Add-only but the details of any existing events are hidden (marked as reserved).
  • Modify-from-same-link: Add new events and modify any existing events that are created via the same link, but can only read and not modify any existing events created via other calendar links.
  • Modify-from-same-link, no details: Add new events and modify any existing events that are created via the same link, but the details of any events created by others will be hidden (marked as reserved).
  • Not shared: The sub-calendar will not be visible or accessible at all from the calendar link.
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