How to Use Teamup Calendar Inside Facebook Groups

Facebook groups

While it is easy to add a Calendar tab to a Facebook page (creating your own app or using a tab app), Facebook Groups do not allow custom tabs.

Here are some creative ways to share events from a Teamup Calendar within a Facebook Group:

  • Add your calendar link to the Files tab. It is accessible to both Facebook mobile and desktop users.
  • Post your calendar link (a read-only link is recommended) directly. What’s good about this is that the link is accessible on mobile devices, however, the calendar opens outside Facebook.
  • Add a direct link to your Teamup Calendar in the About section of your group
  • Take a screenshot of your upcoming events and post it along with your calendar link.
  • Post events one at a time: Open an event or right-click to open the context menu, click Share > As page, then copy the page URL and post it to your timeline.
  • More about sharing on social media.

If you have any other ways to share your calendar with your Facebook groups, please let us know and we’ll share them further.