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Quickly Reschedule Events in Year View

If you need to reschedule many events quickly, or move events across a long date range of many weeks or months, this tip can help.

Drag and drop events in Year view to reschedule easily. (Click to enlarge image.)

Drag and drop events in Year view

As you can see above, it’s easy to reschedule events in Year view with the drag and drop capability. Simply use your mouse to click and hold on any event you want to move, then drag it to the new date and “drop” it in place by releasing the mouse button. Try it out on the Year view live demo. This drag-and-drop functionality works in other grid views, as well.

Adjust the months and dates shown

Focus in on the relevant time period for rescheduling events. You can adjust the date and choose to show from 1 to 12 months in Year view. So if you want to focus on quarterly planning or see a single project’s timeline, you can set the Year view accordingly.

Toggle sub-calendars on and off from view

You can also choose which sub-calendars show to work with selected events. If you need to focus on rescheduling meetings for the next few months, toggle the Meetings sub-calendar on and leave all others off to see only the scheduled meetings.

Learn more about quickly moving events or long-term planning with Year view.

Updated on August 14, 2023
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