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How to Track Events Across the Weekend

If an event continues from the previous week into the next week, Outlook and some other calendars display an arrow to indicate the event starts in an earlier week and/or ends in a later week. Teamup Calendar uses the shape of the event blocks to indicate if an event is ongoing (from the previous week, or into the next week).

Events continuing into the next week

In Teamup Calendars, ongoing events are indicated by the event blocks themselves, as illustrated below:

A straight corner indicates an event that continues into the next week. Rounded corners indicate that the event ends on that date.
  • A straight corner on an event block indicates that the event continues into the next week, or is continued from the previous week.
  • A rounded corner on an event block means that the event ends (or begins) on the indicated date.

The screenshot above shows the two different types of corners. The pink event block, with the straight corners, shows an event continuing into the next week. The orange event block, with the rounded corner, shows an event that ends on the last day it is shown in the current week.

Events continued from the prior week

The straight edge indicates an event continued from the prior week. The rounded edge indicates the the event starts or ends on that date.

In the screenshot above, you can see an example of an event that is continued from the week prior.

  • The pink event stripe shows, on the left-hand side, a straight edge that indicates the event continues from the previous week.
  • The blue event stripe, above, shows an an example of an event with rounded corners, showing that the event is completed (both beginning and ending) in the dates shown:

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Updated on March 11, 2021