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How to Install Widgets for Teamup iOS App

Teamup offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Widgets are a convenient, helpful way to display your Teamup calendar on your phone’s home screen and provides a shortcut to your calendar events. Here’s how to install the new iOS widget for iPhone and iPad with iOS 14 or higher. If you prefer or have an older iOS version, the old widget (released in 2019) is still available as described here.

Install the Teamup app for iOS

First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Teamup mobile app for iOS.

Then log into your Teamup user account so you can access your calendars. See detailed instructions here.

Click on an image below to see the larger version of it.

Add a widget

  1. Long press on the home screen, then click the + on the top left:
  2. Type Teamup in the search box or scroll to locate Teamup in the list:
  3. There are 5 widget layouts. Swipe to find the one you like and click Add Widget. Repeat to add another layout of the widget, if desired.
    Teamup widget layouts 2022
    Once it is installed, you can access it from your home screen, and tap an event to open the event directly in the app without looking for or opening the app first:
  4. Once a widget is added, long press it to bring up the options. The default configuration is to mirror the calendar that is displayed when you open the app on your device.  Unselect  “Mirror Teamup App” to choose another calendar on your dashboard and select specific sub-calendars as the source for your widget.

    You can add as many widgets as you need and choose a different calendar source for each widget you add to your Home Screen.


Updated on March 23, 2022