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Expand Description Field to Fullscreen and Keep Toolbar in View

When working with events, you may have a large block of text or many details with headers, images, and links to add to the event description. As you move down in the event description, the formatting toolbar of the WYSIWYG editor scrolls out of view. When you can’t see the toolbar options, it’s difficult to edit the description or do simple formatting like making a word bold. The solution: Expand the description field to fullscreen mode so that the toolbar always stays in view.

Expand the description field

There is a new button in the toolbar that can be used to switch to fullscreen mode:

Click the button to expand the Description field to fullscreen for easier text editing and formatting.

When you click the Fullscreen button, the Description field will expand to fullscreen, with the toolbar at the top for easy access to all toolbar options:

Note that fullscreen actually means full window. The editor is constrained to the size of the current browser window.

Save your work

Fullscreen mode makes working with large blocks of text easier, since the formatting toolbar will never scroll out of view. Try expanding the Description field to fullscreen when you need to add or format many event details.

The event description does not auto-save, so be sure to exit fullscreen mode and click Save in the event editor before closing the window.

Exit fullscreen mode

To exit fullscreen mode, hit the Escape key or click the toolbar button.



Updated on March 21, 2022
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