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What is the date picker?

Your Teamup Calendar has a control panel on the left-hand side, in the web browser. At the very top, you can see the date picker. It’s there to help you quickly navigate to the date you want to see.

Use the date picker

The date picker is a small monthly calendar, just above the list of calendars in the control panel.

How to use the date picker in Teamup calendar
Move to the desired month, then click the date you wish to see.

You can use the date picker to quickly navigate in your calendar:

  • Use the arrows to move between months.
  • Click on the date you want within the month and your calendar will show it.

Once you’re at the desired date, you can use the double arrows to the right of the date picker to collapse the entire control panel. This gives more screen space for your calendar view. Click the arrows again to expand the control panel and access the date picker.

Use the pop-up date picker

There is also a pop-up date picker in the top bar of your calendar.

The top bar date picker in your Teamup calendar
Tap the arrow to show the pop-up date picker.

It will show the dates you are currently viewing. Tap the down arrow to show the pop-up date picker, then move to the desired month and click the date you want to view. You can access this date picker without expanding the control panel, so it’s handy when you want to give your calendar lots of screen space.

You can also click the Today button to move quickly to the current date. Use the arrows on either side of the Today button to move forward or backward from the current date.

For more details, see Hiding and Showing the Calendar’s Left Control Panel

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Updated on June 11, 2020
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