Print Teamup Calendars: Tips and Tricks


We have collected a few tips and tricks from our product testing and user experiences to help users get the best possible results when printing Teamup calendars. The printing solutions below have been tested with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Please note that on mobile devices the Teamup Calendar Print Menu is not available. Instead, initiate printing from your mobile device’s print functionality.


  • Print from the Teamup Calendar menuPrint menu
    There a few are different ways to initiate printing the calendar, but we strongly recommend printing from the print menu within the main calendar view. This ensures that the output data is optimized for printing i.e. removing user interface elements that are not needed on paper and by adjusting width and height of the output to the selected page orientation.
  • Change font size by accessing the “Print Preview” function in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Increase the scale value to print in larger font. Read here for further details.
    Unfortunately we have not found a way to print with larger font size in Google Chrome.  Let us know if you have any helpful insights!
  • Optimize Output for Portrait or for Landscape OrientationPrint Page Orientation
    Page configuration can be adjusted through the calendar print menu.
    Supported options are:

    • Portrait format
    • Landscape format
    • Browser Default.

    Please note that this setting only defines how the output is optimized and does not impact on the page orientation of the printer itself. Be sure to select the option that is supported by your hardware. 

  • Print Calendars in colour
    To see the print output in colour, confirm that your browser is configured to print background colours.  All browsers offer such a setting. See the this article for more details.
  • The left hand side Control Panel can be hidden at any stage to create more space for the printout
  • Use Print Preview to Save Paper
    All modern browsers support a Print Preview that allows you to see exactly how the output will look like on paper. Please use it before printing to minimize paper waste.  This is especially important if you are using Internet Explorer.
    Please note: The default “Shrink to Fit” setting may cut off part of your calendar on the right edge.  This article illustrates the steps to adjust the scale on IE in order to print the complete calendar.


Week view output:

Weekly landscape print preview

Month view output:

Team Calendar Monthly view Print Preview

List view output

Team Project List View Print Preview

Still experiencing difficulties with printing? Please check out these articles addressing specific printing problems.


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