What to Do When You Have a Payment or Renewal Issue

Teamup Calendar currently processes subscription payments through Stripe. You can upgrade or renew your subscription in your calendar: go to Settings > Subscriptions, then click the Upgrade or Renew button and proceed with the process. If you do not proceed, or for some reason the payment is not completed, your upgrade or renewal process would be aborted and a pending payment notice will appear  on your subscription page:

pending payment

If you did submit your credit card details, but failed to complete the payment, the most common reason has been that it was declined by your banks. There are various reasons that a bank may decline the payment. The best procedure, generally, is for you to call your bank and verify the purchase request.  In most cases, this helps resolve the issue.

If your subscription has been downgraded to the Basic (free) plan, some of your sub-calendars may have been deactivated and some password-protected links may no longer be accessible.  But don’t worry: your calendar data has not been deleted.  In fact, all data, sub-calendars, links, and settings you have worked on prior to the downgrade can be reactivated when the payment for an upgrade is completed.

To resume the payment process, simply click the Upgrade or Renew button again and start the payment process over. Be sure that you receive a confirmation email verifying your payment.  Once your payment is processed, your subscription status will be adjusted accordingly.  If some of your sub-calendars are not visible, go to Settings > Calendars to reactivate them.

If the payment pending issue persists, please contact support@teamup.com for further assistance.

Thank you for using Teamup!

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