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How to Format the Date & Time in Zapier

You may have noticed that the date and time format in your Teamup Zap is not the usual format you are familiar with. In fact, it can be a bit difficult to read. You can use Zapier’s Formatter to customize the date and time formatting. This helps ensure the important date/time information will be displayed in a user-friendly format and can be read correctly.

The Zap for sending SMS messages to confirm client appointments is a great example. Check out the steps to choose your preferred date and time format:

1. Add a Formatter Step

In the Zap editor, create a new Action step, or click the plus + icon to add a step to your Zap. Select Format. In this Zap, the Formatter step should come right after the Trigger.


2. Choose the Action Event

In the dropdown menu, choose the Date/Time option:

3. Choose the Format transformation

You can do many date transformations with Zapier’s Formatter. Under Transform, select Format:

4. Set up the Format

Add a Start Date, End Date or any date from the Event into the Values > Input field. In this example, let’s choose the Start Date.

The To Format field is the most important dropdown menu in the whole setup. Here you can choose the preferred date format you’d like to use. The date input value from Teamup contains both the date and time information. If you want to display the date only, choose the YYYY-MM-DD format to strip the time from the date input.

The field To Timezone is also important to be set up correctly. Make sure to choose your timezone, e.g.: US/Eastern, to ensure the date is displayed correctly in the correct time zone.

The other two fields, the From Format and From Timezone, are not needed in most cases. You can leave the From Format blank and the From Timezone as is.

Choose from preformatted options

In the To Format section, you can choose a format from the dropdown list:

Choose your preferred date format
Choose your preferred date format

Set up a custom format

If you’d like to display the date without time, then display the time without seconds, you can add another Format step to get a custom output with time only. To do this, select the Custom tab (instead of choosing value from the dropdown options):

Then you can specify your option, e.g., type HH:mm into the field for 19:00 or h:mm A for 7:00 PM if you’d like to display the time only. See the full list of available custom format options.

5. Test the Formatter

Before moving to the next action, it’s always good practice to test the Formatter. Click the Test & Review button. When everything is set up correctly, you will see the green check mark along with the formatted date or time output.

6. How to use the formatted date

Don’t skip this step! To use the nicely formatted date and/or time in the additional Zap Steps, go to the next Action. Click into the field and choose Date/Time > Output.

We hope this helps you set up Teamup Zaps in just the right way for your workflow.

Updated on January 27, 2022
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