Slack Integration (2): Post Calendar Notifications to Slackbot or Private Channel

If you use Slack, a popular real-time messaging application for teams, you can set up an integration to receive your Teamup notifications on your private Slack channel. This means you will be notified via Slack when there are changes on your Teamup Calendar, in particular, if you do not have access to email notifications or prefer the in-app pop-up alerts.

This article describes how to set up integrations that post calendar notifications to one’s private channel or Slackbot on Slack. You don’t need to be a calendar administrator to do this – it is for any users of Teamup Calendar.

Calendar notifications for private channel on Slack

For setting up integrations that post calendar notifications to group channels on Slack, please check out this article with detailed information for calendar administrators.

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Access the Slack integration option

In the menu (top right corner of your calendar) click Notifications (if this item is greyed out, the administrator of your calendar has disabled notifications for non-administrator users).

slack integration individual

This opens up the Preferences dialog for notifications.

Step 2: Obtaining Slack authorization

In the Preferences dialog select the Slack tab. Click the Add to Slack button. This will take you to to obtain the necessary authorization as described in the next step.

add slack

If you click the Save button before obtaining the authorization, you will be prompted with an error.

Step 3: Authorize Teamup to post on Slack

Select the Slack team that you want to integrate, and select your personal channel under Direct Messages:

slack private channel

Please do not select a group channel unless all members of the channel are entitled to access your calendar link. This is because all posts on Slack will contain the calendar link from which you are setting up the integration.

Then, click the Authorize button to give Teamup permission to post messages to your channel.

After authorizing Teamup, you will be redirected back to the Preferences dialog where you were in Step 2. Now you need to focus on the preference settings in the lower part.

Step 4: Choose what you want to be notified about

Select the sub-calendars and the type of events for which notifications will be triggered.

You can choose to receive notifications for the changes occurring on all sub-calendars or a set of specific sub-calendars. Illustrated below is to receive notifications only when changes on the sub-calendar “Amy” occur:

slack select sub-calendar

When done, click the Save button.

Please note changes of past events will only trigger notifications if the calendar is on a Premium plan.

Test the connection between Teamup and Slack

Add, edit or delete a future event in your Teamup Calendar and wait for the post from Teamup to appear in your private channel on Slack. It should happen within about 60 seconds.

Stop Notifications to Slack

To stop Teamup from posting notifications to Slack, there are two options:

  1. Go to Slack’s app directory  and delete the integration with Teamup Calendar.
  2. Ask the calendar administrator to remove it for you from the calendar’s Settings > Notifications.